Overall mapping of physical flows and stocks
of resources to forecast waste quantities in Europe
and identify life-cycle environmental stakes
of waste prevention and recycling

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Level of dissemination


D1-1 Review of available data and recommendation for the appropriate level of model detail  RE 1
D1-2 First model matrix with resource flows and product flows between production and consumption processes in physical units  RE 1
D1-3 Model matrix with initial transfer coefficients from material inputs to emissions, products, and annualised waste flows, for each production and consumption process RE 1
D1-4 First version of the quasi-dynamic model, calibrated with datasets based on historical resource statistics RE 1
D2-1 Detailed description of important resource and waste flows for inclusion in the system model RE 2
D2-2 Definitions and first estimates of transfer coefficients RE 2
D2-3 Methodology for mapping of physical stocks
(PDF file - 573 KB)
PU 2
D2-4 Data collection guideline and forms for WP3 & 4  RE 2

Report describing data processing and validation
(PDF file - 956 KB)

PU 3

Databases of material flows and stocks in the four countries

PU 3
D3-3 Report containing indirect procedures for estimation of transfer coefficients
(PDF file - 919 KB)
PU 3
D3-4 Report describing potentials and difficulties for completing data collection
(PDF file - 1 318 KB)
PU 3
D4-1 Report describing data processing and validation
(PDF file - 2 361 KB)
PU 4

Databases of material flows and stocks for EU-27

PU 4
D4-3 Report on needs for development of national statistics related to resources and waste
(PDF file - 152 KB)
PU 4
D5-1 Review of recent macro-economic scenarios
(PDF file - 320 KB)
PU 5
D5-2 Description of the three chosen macro-economic scenarios for EU27 until 2035
(PDF file - 348 KB)
PU 5
D5-3 Report with description of three what-if scenarios of waste treatment policies and their interplay with the macro-economic scenarios
(PDF file- 428 KB)
PU 5

Desription of the environmental pressures for each relevant combination of material and recycling / treatment technology
(PDF file - 5 375 Ko)

PU 5
D6-1 Documentation of the data consolidation and calibration exercise, and the scenario parameterisation
(PDF file - 258 KB)
PU 6

25-year forecasts of the cumulated physical stocks, waste generation, and environmental impacts for each scenario for EU-27 and for the case study areas
(PDF file - 287 KB)

PU 6

Documentation of the contribution analysis and uncertainty assessment. Results interpretation identifying priority material flows and wastes for waste prevention, recycling and choice of waste treatment options. Policy recommendations
(PDF file - 363 KB)

PU 6

Documentation of the final model used for the scenario analyses
(PDF file - 476 KB)

PU 6
D7-1 Valorisation plan of the results as communications, publications



European workshop and publication of proceedings
(PDF file - 417 KB)

PU 7

Training course on FORWAST environmental accounts
(PDF file - 136 KB)

Training Slides
(PDF file - 2 153 KB)

PU 7
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