Overall mapping of physical flows and stocks
of resources to forecast waste quantities in Europe
and identify life-cycle environmental stakes
of waste prevention and recycling

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 Steering Committee

The steering committee consists of key contact persons to ensure a secure and direct access to main data sources. The group is particularly conceived to support the project partnership with intentions to input scientific knowledge in policy making, dissemination and valorisation of results. It will particularly help to steer the project for taking decisions on whether to include suspicious flows and/or data.

The Members of the Steering committee will be nominated at the start of the project. Nevertheless, preliminary contacts have been made through the partners networks of relations.




European Topic Centre on Waste and Material Flows A. Villanueva Int.
EC- DG ENTR - European Commission. Direction General for Enterprise and Industry D. Pinelli EU
EC- DG ENV - European Commission.  Direction General for Environment   EU
ESTAT - E-5 - European Commision. Eurostat. International Statistical Cooperation C. Heidorn EU
Joint Research Centre R. Bersani EU
ADEME, French Agency for Environment and Energy Ph. Bajeat F
Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management. Division VI/III-deparrment of waste management planning, waste treatment, remediating contaminated sites R. Ferth A
PASEPPE.  Association of Environmental Protection Companies K. Aravossis GR
Denmark Statistics  O. Gravgaard DK
Umweltbundesamt, German EPA S. Krause D

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