Overall mapping of physical flows and stocks
of resources to forecast waste quantities in Europe
and identify life-cycle environmental stakes
of waste prevention and recycling

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 University of Stuttgart, ISWA
Participant short name and country: U. Stuttgart - Germany

The Institute for Sanitary Engineering, Water Quality and Solid Waste Management (ISWA) is a research and training facility of the University of Stuttgart (Universität Stuttgart) within the faculty of “Civil and Environmental Engineering Sciences”. The University’s Sewage Treatment Plant for Research and Teaching, which is situated within the institute, is unique throughout Europe . Experts from various engineering and natural sciences work together at our institute on an interdisciplinary basis. Our principal areas of expertise are the classical engineering tasks in the environmental fields of water, wastewater, solid waste, soil and exhaust air.

The continuous development of technical facilities and practical methods in the fields of industrial and municipal supply and disposal are the focus of our interest. Our experience is also incorporated in the maintenance and development of quality assurance measures and management systems.

Our institute offers numerous courses and internships in basic and specialized studies as well as student research projects, dissertations and Master’s theses for the following courses of study: Diploma: Civil Engineering and Environmental Engineering; Master of Science: WAREM (Water Resources Engineering and Management), WASTE (Air Quality Control, Solid Waste and Waste Water Process Engineering) and Infrastructure Planning. In addition there are courses for students of process engineering, real estate management, biology and chemistry. We also participate in the international doctoral candidate programme ENWAT (Environment Water) of the University of Stuttgart (Universität Stuttgart), as well as in programmes for extracurricular training and continuing professional development. Since Feb. 2006 implementation of an German environmental engineering Master of Science programme at the university of Curitiba ( Brazil ) (EDUBRAS), funded by the DAAD.

With its 150 staff members, including 6 Professors and about 70 Scientist, the ISWA is one of the largest of its kind in Europe .

Contact name:
M. Kranert

WP3 leader -  In-depth data mining

BRGM - 3, avenue Claude Guillemin - BP 36009 - 45060 Orléans cedex 2 - France.

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